What has worked in the past isn’t enough today…

What has worked in the past isn't enough today

The Conundrum

Up until a few years ago, that buzzing box sitting in a room you’re paying to keep cool all year around was the pinnacle of file/data security. But how secure is it today?

We have moved forward by leaps and bounds in the technology world, and the last vestige of that bygone era is the beloved files server.

We are in the middle of the technology renaissance.

Let me make it clear, I’m not saying the cloud is more secure. What I am saying is the cloud is more flexible and adaptable to implementing new security measures.

Right now you’re probably thinking, are they crazy?

I can assure you that is not the case here. We have insight coupled with foresight. Today is 200 days since we ditched on premise servers in favour of a cloud hosted solution.

This post is about changing mindsets and expectations, the biggest gaping hole in modern security is what happens to the files when they are in the wild, i.e. they’ve been emailed to someone or your firewall and servers are breached.

Our Solution

In short, we are 100% cloud enabled..

We invest a tremendous amount of time and energy explaining how security is moving towards being identity based protection as opposed to the traditional perimeter protection.

Today’s partner or employee can be tomorrow’s competitor, what happens when someone has files they no longer should have access to, or you sent your financial data to the wrong email recipient? With our rights management solution the answer is quite simple, you decide. You can disable and/or edit file access even when it’s off of your systems. Possession is no longer an issue.

This is possible because of the way we have melded Identity Management and rights protection in a single solution across your enterprise to track every piece of cataloged data you have in various file types across different platforms.

Wait, you’re not an enterprise? Don’t worry, with us your protection is. 

Your Opportunity

Now that we have your attention, you’re asking yourself what is this going to cost me? What if I told you, nothing. Your cost is nothing if you’re already an Expertly Managed client of ours.

When you opted for Peace of Mind by joining our world, we’ve already built this functionality out for you from the beginning and it’s been laying in wait for the moment you say go.

Peace of Mind by Kontinuum is feeling a lot better isn’t it…

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