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7:00 PM Friday Night:

I received a call at about 7 PM on Friday night. The client wanted a new provider and invited us to come present services with/against other providers at 6 AM on Saturday morning.

5:45 AM Saturday morning:

While unloading for the presentation. I decided two things;

  1. I would present first;
  2. I would win.

After-all, fortune favours the bold.

6:35 AM Saturday morning:

I was finished explaining why I believe we’re the only option. Wish I could tell you what the other guys said in their presentations, but I stepped out to get breakfast. Before I left, I explained our approach and price would not be impacted by anything the others would present.

9:30 AM Saturday morning:

I received another call that a decision had been made and I should return to their office. By now the other providers were familiar with each other and planning on how to work together to take care of their clients. I’m genuinely happy these companies were able to find each-other and combine their efforts they could serve a client.

10:30-ish Saturday morning:

The client was very gracious and thanked us all for dropping everything to come present in a Saturday and bought the other providers lunch.

Long story short, we won.

11:00 AM Saturday morning:

We started on site remediation and on-boarding.

Remember I had to unload for the presentation at 5:45 AM? Part of the presentation was a pre-assembled rack with all the components needed for our subscription, firewalls, switches, UPS and a few other pieces. I told you I planned on winning. 

3:43 AM on a Sunday Morning:

16 hours 43 minutes after beginning, our client has peace of mind being Expertly Managed.

What did it take?

  • Kontinuum services fully deployed
  • 250+ mailboxes moved
  • Cloud infrastructure built and configured by us
  • Data migrated
  • 150+ Workstations rebuilt
  • ~75 laptops picked up from employee homes, rebuilt and delivered back to employees (sales people are 24/7)

Next up:

  1. Deprecate the old VDI systems used for secure access despite the live IP’s to the servers for RDP (already disconnected from the network).
  2. Plan and migrate their phone system. 

Gratitude and honorable mention:

Could not have done this without my people who said no to breaking this task up in to 6 hours shifts, we’re going all in together. 

Another client of ours who catered lunch, dinner and snacks for for the guys.

6:00 AM Sunday, my lesson learned:

If you’re not prepared to win, don’t expect to.

People, Processes, Procedures, this is what I call white glove service.


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