Your Corporate IT Identity,

Managed Security

In this day and age, traditional anti-malware software alone,
won’t cut it anymore.

Kontinuum's Managed Security Subscription offers Security-as-a-Service which allows you to enjoy enterprise-level protection to further create a robust and stable business environment. Our cyber-security experts help your business develop persistent threat monitoring, regulatory compliance services, user education and business continuity systems to get you back on your feet, all working in lock step to Create Peace of Mind.

No longer is your company secured at the perimeter alone, today's threat landscape requires User Identity Protection to stem the phishing scams that have become more common and increasingly popular. Keeping your data secure will require more than purchasing and installing anti-virus software by yourself. The Kontinuum team can educate and train your employees with industry best practices in data security.

Kontinuum’s Managed Security Subscription may include:

  • Proactive Monitoring & Management
  • Windows & Approved Third Party Application Updates
  • Advanced Server, Endpoint & Network Protection
  • Workstation Encryption Key Management
  • Email Encryption & SPAM Protection
  • Server Back-up & Disaster Recovery
    (Hardware not included)
  • DNS Security
  • Network Hardware Replacement
  • Remote Support for the above services


Take the first step toward a secure network with a comprehensive risk assessment. Discover your organization’s security vulnerabilities and develop a layered strategy to fix them.


Take advantage of cloud-based analytics that will scan and evaluate your systems around the clock. Stay informed as security professionals review data and respond to threats daily.


Ensure your security policies adhere to any relevant compliance rules to mitigate costly fines and other punitive actions.


Keep your business up and running, no matter what happens. Local & cloud data protection with remote servers keep your systems operating through any incident, from server failure to natural disasters.


Keep your company educated about the latest security threats and equip your people to avoid them. With 95% of security breaches caused by human error, educated users are the first line of defense.


Respond quickly and effectively to threats with standard security procedures. Proactively prevent breaches by developing clear policies on acceptable use, mobile devices, and passwords.

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