Maybe we’re just different.

Maybe we're just different

So, you signed a contract that includes proactive monitoring. Great, you’re now one step ahead than the rest, or are you?

To most Managed Services Providers, this proactive monitoring is limited to canned “sensors” that look at your hardware for low disk space, fans spinning too much and checking what features may be installed.

What does all this do for you? Not much other than cost you money.

What if I told you there is another type of proactive monitoring?

Imagine if all your logs were stored in a Security Information & Event Management System (SIEM) and those logs were then analysed and parsed against each-other and other global intelligence records in a Security Operations Center (SOC).

As a Kontinuum client you already have this functionality and security in place.

Kontinuum’s threat intelligence changes the game.

Threat intelligence sources are now available with wide ranges of cost and quality; we believe you should be free to benefit and use it effectively. Harnessing great threat intelligence the right way ensures rapid detection of known malicious activity on your network that slips past traditional perimeter defenses – and it’s where Kontinuum shines.

Kontinuum lets you choose how to use and interact with your intelligence.

Kontinuum can integrate with any threat intelligence feed, as well as advanced CTI systems to bring you world-class managed threat detection. Kontinuum puts our threat intelligence to work for you so we can:

  • DETECT the threats your intelligence warns us about.
  • VISUALIZE threats detected both on your network and by others using the same pool of intelligence.
  • ACT when known threats are detected on your network.

24/7 365 co-managed threat detection platform.

We offer fully managed threat intelligence, at your fingertips. And our SOC monitors all of your network traffic, allowing you to focus on what’s most important.

Log ingestion and aggregation.

We ingest all logs possible from syslog to Windows Event Logs and Office 365 logs, and retain them to meet compliance requirements. Kontinuum also generates alerts to highlight notable log events based on log data, and enhance reporting and visualizations.

Complete view.

We can see and respond to all of your threats in a single pane-of glass, combined with tier-1 alert support from our SOC.

Co-managed threat hunting.

We include the staff and expertise to take advantage of our included tier-1 alert support; reducing noise and alerting you of only real threats. Or SOC lets us drill down into the details, so we can do the hunting for you.

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Every day, our clients rely on Kontinuum to deliver the Peace of Mind that their technology will work how they need it to, when they need it to.

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Creating Peace of Mind® – it's why we exist. Every member of our team lives our Core Purpose and understands what it means to our clients and our own success. 

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