Government & Solarwinds Cyber Attack

Kontinuum Security Alert

Kontinuum is aware of the Solarwinds Cyber Attack security incident impacting numerous government departments in the United States and abroad. The Solarwinds Cyber Attack security incident in question, has brought to light a vulnerability in the Solarwinds Orion product.

Kontinuum does not use Solarwinds Orion or any other Solarwinds product(s).

Once a security incident is identified, Kontinuum checks for any impact on our internal systems, or those utilized by our clients. We do not believe any Kontinuum systems and/or clients are at risk from this Solarwinds Cyber Attack.

As a matter of process, Kontinuum continually collects and monitors the logs from systems under management. This collection and analysis is done to ensure we are protecting both our own environment and those of our customers.

Should anything change which may result in risk to your own company’s environment, Kontinuum will reach out to you directly.

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What this means to you:

There should be no interruptions or outages on your end as none of your systems have been identified in the Solarwinds Cyber Attack review.

UPDATE AS OF 12/22/2020:

From Kontinuum’s perspective, nothing has changed in terms of potential impact to our customers. Kontinuum does not use SolarWinds or its Orion product at all internally or for support of any of our clients. As a proactive step Kontinuum has already updated our monitoring tools using the queries released by FireEye. Using these tools from FireEye, all systems were scanned and found to be clear of the Solarwinds Cyber Attack.

As always, we strive to be as proactive and transparent about any type of upgrade or threat as we can.  Please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager or one of our analysts with any questions or concerns you may have.

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