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Backup verification

Do your back-ups work?

Last Friday we asked if your back-ups work. Many answered saying their in fact have back-ups. To be clear, we were asking if your back-ups work. Good back-ups are the unsung heroes of any Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan. At some point you were probably told your systems have top notch security and are …

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When we do I.T., it’s art in motion.

The future is here, are you ready? I challenge the status quo to disagree that mobility and remote workers don’t present the identical security concerns as those working in the confines of the “office”. Oh, you have security in place? That’s cute. Have the steps you’ve taken towards your little version of security been reactive …

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Honesty is an expensive gift

Honesty is an expensive gift.

All too often, price is the defining factor in our industry without considering the opportunity cost of lesser solutions. After all, it almost always comes down to money. What does this mean to you and why should you care? Eight plus months ago you went remote, your ability to Work From Home (WFH) was put …

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Life lessons from social distancing

Life lessons from social distancing.

If I’ve learned anything these last few days, it’s that human connection feeds our soul. We’re human, we crave being around other people, and pets of course. No one knows how long we’ll have to distance ourselves. But the beauty of remote access and collaboration tools is that we can stay connected through the internet. …

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Our unwavering commitment to our clients.

For immediate release; As we continue to monitor Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments closely, the health and well-being of our people and you, our clients is of utmost importance to us. As a critical component to your business, we understand that limiting any impact this health event could have on our service to our clients is imperative. …

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Maybe we're just different

Maybe we’re just different.

So, you signed a contract that includes proactive monitoring. Great, you’re now one step ahead than the rest, or are you? To most Managed Services Providers, this proactive monitoring is limited to canned “sensors” that look at your hardware for low disk space, fans spinning too much and checking what features may be installed. What …

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people processes procedures

We can do the impossible every day.

7:00 PM Friday Night: I received a call at about 7 PM on Friday night. The client wanted a new provider and invited us to come present services with/against other providers at 6 AM on Saturday morning. 5:45 AM Saturday morning: While unloading for the presentation. I decided two things; I would present first; I …

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Is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) dead

Is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) dead?

What is the typical use case for VDI? You have workloads on internal servers where best practice dictates only controlled access from within your network is allowed. Fair enough. You were told VDI will save you money? How? Is my first question. You still need a computer to access the VDI from. That computer should be …

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Opportunity Cost

Opportunity Cost & Stagnation.

Lets really dive in to this. Why aren’t you innovating? Why aren’t you an industry leader? Why are you behind your peers? Is it because you’re still running that Windows 7 computer your provider sold you an extended support contract on to eek out a few more dollars from you. Is it because when it …

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It’s O.K. We’re probably more expensive

It’s O.K. We’re probably more expensive.

Let’s face it, when it comes to fast, cheap and good, you can only pick two. Nothing in life is free, not even those free assessments, vCIO and QBR services you’re offered. Because the foot got in the door and you were sold an incomplete experience. What does free mean to you? Is free, nothing? …

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Every day, our clients rely on Kontinuum to deliver the Peace of Mind that their technology will work how they need it to, when they need it to.

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