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Ransomware is progress.

From the beginning of time, data has been the most valuable asset. Money, gold, diamonds and anything we’ve place a value on were merely  constructs created to trade for this data. Just so happens, Ransomware is today’s construct. Created to conceal data theft, because what was once your data, will be sold. Do you understand …

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When we do I.T., it’s art in motion.

The future is here, are you ready? I challenge the status quo to disagree that mobility and remote workers don’t present the identical security concerns as those working in the confines of the “office”. Oh, you have security in place? That’s cute. Have the steps you’ve taken towards your little version of security been reactive …

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Going I.T. alone?

Your current situation. You have a guy that does your I.T. or one of your employees has been saddled with the responsibility. And this “guy” helps you find the cheapest possible solutions to keep your family safe. Yes your family, after-all what would happen to your family if your company lost all of its data …

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How’s that SPAM & PHISH

How’s that SPAM & PHISH?

Harden your email systems You have the greatest firewall and A/V your current provider could sell you to make killer margin. Now what? Email is the easiest way to get in to your systems legitimately or not. It’s direct and likely not set up correctly, users are trained to open ever email as soon as …

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Don't be lazy Never trust, always verify

Don’t be lazy: Never trust, always verify.

Everything we can want is at our fingertips and ripe for the picking. But, should you really take all that you can? After-all some of it may just me downright rotten. Yes I’m still speaking about technology. Border walls don’t keep anyone out. That next gen firewall your provider sold you at 50% margin is …

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people processes procedures

We can do the impossible every day.

7:00 PM Friday Night: I received a call at about 7 PM on Friday night. The client wanted a new provider and invited us to come present services with/against other providers at 6 AM on Saturday morning. 5:45 AM Saturday morning: While unloading for the presentation. I decided two things; I would present first; I …

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Seeking Peace of Mind

Seeking Peace of Mind?

That is a pretty heavy question and everyone has a different answer. To be of service to all of our clients we’ve put together a list of questions below to help you understand what peace of mind could be for you, is it; Having the time to focus on your business? Knowing exactly what’s covered …

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Identity and access management 101

Identity and access management 101.

Whether it be cloud, mobile, or on-premises, every technology you use stores confidential data that are accessed by your employees. So how do you guarantee the safety of said data from cyberthreats like identity theft, phishing attacks, and more? Identity and access management (IAM) is the answer, and here’s why. What is IAM? Identity and …

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Every day, our clients rely on Kontinuum to deliver the Peace of Mind that their technology will work how they need it to, when they need it to.

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Creating Peace of Mind® – it's why we exist. Every member of our team lives our Core Purpose and understands what it means to our clients and our own success. 

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