Reimagining the modern office.

I read an article this morning which lead me to writing this post scratching the surface of the distributed office/workforce, costs and the redistribution of some of those costs. 

Over the last eight plus weeks we have seen many of our clients successfully move jobs/tasks to a work from home environment. However, we have also seen some of our clients unable to pivot certain jobs/tasks to a a work from home model. After all, the prep-chefs in our restaurant group clients can't operate from home, no matter how bleeding edge their technology.

No is no one size fits it all for work from home.

What does all of this mean? We created a working group with representatives from some of our clients and  "sat down" (i.e Microsoft Teams meetings) with them to establish a framework for analysis. 

First, this framework lead to calculating the cost of each employee and each office location down to the penny. There was to be no margin for error. We opted...

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Honesty is an expensive gift.

All too often, price is the defining factor in our industry without considering the opportunity cost of lesser solutions. What does this mean to you and why should you care?

Eight plus weeks ago you went remote, your ability to Work From Home (WFH) was put in place when you initially hired us, your business processes and procedures have not had to be augmented to work from home, your office locations have been in stasis waiting for your return. You have peace of mind knowing every aspect of your IT systems continue to be monitored, managed and secured no matter the location.

Great, you're set up to live your purpose!

In my opinion, you've accomplished the following;

  1. You've identified your core business needs;
  2. You've set your business up for success;
  3. You've developed a comprehensive business continuity plan that has shown to work, scale and evolve;
  4. You've stayed in business while maintaining productivity, even gaining new business;
  5. You've demonstrated to clients your ability to...
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