When we do I.T., it's art in motion.

The future is here, are you ready?

I challenge the status quo to disagree that mobility and remote workers don't present the identical security concerns as those working in the confines of the "office".

Oh, you have security in place? That's cute. Have the steps you've taken towards your little version of security been reactive or proactive?
In our travels, we have seen very few organisations being proactive in their efforts to mitigate security breaches. No matter how manual your processes are, you cannot operate without computers and the inherent risks associated. You have to be on top of your game everyday, the hacker just needs to succeed once.

Today's digital user eats, breathes and sleeps via internet connected devices, most of whom are blissfully unaware of how they are being tracked. They have more notifications than the Pentagon (probably not, but you get what I'm saying). Whether you're ready to accept it or not, if your employees are checking email and...

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It’s O.K. We’re probably more expensive.

Let's face it, when it comes to fast, cheap and good, you can only pick two.

Nothing in life is free, not even those free assessments, vCIO and QBR services you're offered.
Because the foot got in the door and you were sold an incomplete experience.

What does free mean to you?

  • Is free, nothing?
  • Is free, zero?
  • Is free, no value?

If it’s any of the preceding I promise you, nothing we offer is ever free, not even the coffee cup we gave you during setup.

We've been doing the I.T. thing for a long time and have always been more expensive than most, yes I just said we're more expensive and it's OK. That is because we understand there is a cost to expend resources on innovation and having a future forward outlook. How else can we be the tip of the spear for our clients.

It takes resources to keep the lights on, continue research and testing on products in our quiver or those we're considering to add, have our people working in the background for you and also answering...

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Stop taking advice!

While it's helpful to learn from the mistakes of others, it's those you aspire to be like you should listen to. These are the ones that found their way to the mountain top and endure the everyday battles to stay there. 

If they haven't accomplished what you want to do, stop taking their advice.

Where am I going with this? You buy solutions all the time that are meant to deal with an issue you have, I'm willing to bet that when those solutions don't work, it's because the company that sold it to you does not use it in their own business processes. The easy answer most companies will have is, "we use another product we sell." My answer to that is, why aren't you selling me that product?

If you buy (I know the trendy word to use the word "invest" with our clients, but we have a business relationship with a series of business transactions) a solution from us, we use it unless it was specifically made for your industry. But when it comes to security and workflow, chances are...

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Product or experience, for which are you in need?

What's the difference?

  • Expertise, the difference is expertise which comes with an experience.
  • A product is merely hobbled together with the hope of protecting and strengthening your business.

Our IT solutions provide you the tools, support, and expertise needed to focus on your lifes mission. At Kontinuum, we leverage leading-edge technology and world class systems to be the pre-eminent Managed Services Provider to enhance the way you do business now and in the future. 


Every day, our managed users rely on Kontinuum to keep their technology running smoothly. Whether we're adding a new user, resetting a password, getting clients up-and-running after natural disasters or re-mediating ransomware, our Client Support team is your team.


No longer is your company secured at the perimeter alone, which is why the Kontinuum Expertly Managed Subscription includes our complete...

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Life is an expedition, keep going.

Business evolution has been on my mind for some time now and after deep meditation I decided now is always the time to focus on my business. With that in mind we began the exploratory phase, followed by the planning phase and ultimately the restructuring of our processes and procedures, we upgraded and even replaced some of our tool sets all with the single minded vision to achieve greater efficiency to better our service delivery.

After all was said and done, perhaps it was more a re-creation to further create peace of mind. 


While I love what we do and how we do it, it's not the craftsmanship or creative solutions we come up with in putting together the complete solutions our clients need to grow. These processes and end results are merely a derivative of why we do what we do.

Our “why”, distilled in its purest form as if written into our DNA is steeped in our quest for freedom, and I'm willing to bet that same yearning for freedom in the pit of...

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