Don't be lazy: Never trust, always verify.

Everything we can want is at our fingertips and ripe for the picking. But, should you really take all that you can?

After-all some of it may just me downright rotten. Yes I'm still speaking about technology.

Border walls don't keep anyone out.

That next gen firewall your provider sold you at 50% margin is useless to a degree. Let's remember a firewall is a detection device for the perimeter. As long as there are tunnels and your firewall is letting something through (like Facebook or Google) then anything can get in.

Data is the new border and it can be housed anywhere.

 How many devices do you interact with on a day to day basis?

  1. Mobile phone
  2. Desktop/Laptop
  3. Tablet
  4. Smart something or the other tracking you
  5. VoIP handset
  6. Printer/Copier

Now chew on this. How many employees in your office, each with at least half of the above plus personal devices all connected to the work network?

The problem.

That pit in your stomach, is the realization your business is and has always been...

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