It is better to be a warrior tending to a garden than a gardener in a war?

be prepared security Apr 01, 2020

I use this phrase to enforce why I must stay in shape physically and mentally. If I am able to conquer the harder things, I may be more prepared to deal with the easier.

A battle is not relegated solely to the physical, the "enemy" might not be as obvious as one may assume. How many people do you know, yourself included, battle addiction or a psychological condition? How about more benign battles, like those in the office or at home? And then there’s the obvious question: do you know how to fight?

The hubris of that statement made my head spin. Aren’t we all fighting battles at any given time? Battles others know nothing about? Aren't we all warriors?

Next, we ought to deal with the fact that most of the fights one undertakes throughout a lifetime are rarely physical and/or violent. I say this with the understanding that it only takes one violent encounter to put your life in peril and that you should prepare for those as well. But I will let others tell you how to do...

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