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Ransomware Report Map
Understanding ransomware.
Before you can defend against an adversary, you have to understand them. While tactics may change, the end goals are usually the same. This post...
When we do I.T., it’s art in motion.
The future is here, are you ready? I challenge the status quo to disagree that mobility and remote workers don't present the identical security concerns...
Honesty is an expensive gift
Honesty is an expensive gift.
All too often, price is the defining factor in our industry without considering the opportunity cost of lesser solutions. After all, it almost always comes...
Kontinuum Security Alert
Government & Solarwinds Cyber Attack
Kontinuum is aware of the Solarwinds Cyber Attack security incident impacting numerous government departments in the United States and abroad. The Solarwinds Cyber Attack security...
Going I.T. alone?
Your current situation. You have a guy that does your I.T. or one of your employees has been saddled with the responsibility. And this "guy"...
How can we be of service to you
How can we be of service to you?
Relationships are everything in life. We’ve been lucky to have created unique and lasting relationships with people and organizations from all walks of life around...
Reimagining the modern office
Reimagining the modern office.
I read an article this morning which lead me to writing this post scratching the surface of the distributed office/workforce, costs and the redistribution of some...
It is better to be a warrior tending to a garden than a gardener in a war
Warrior tending to a garden or a gardener in a war?
I use this phrase to enforce why I must stay in shape physically and mentally. If I am able to conquer the harder things, I...
Life lessons from social distancing
Life lessons from social distancing.
If I’ve learned anything these last few days, it’s that human connection feeds our soul. We’re human, we crave being around other people, and pets...
Anatomy of a PHISH
Anatomy of a PHISH.
In these uncertain times, we must all be vigilant. Moments ago I received this text message from something purporting to be "Chase". ARROW 1: The...
people processes procedures
We can do the impossible every day.
7:00 PM Friday Night: I received a call at about 7 PM on Friday night. The client wanted a new provider and invited us to...
Advisory Office 365 Password Spraying
Advisory: Office 365 Password Spraying
What is it? Password spraying is a type of brute-force attack in which a malicious actor uses a single password against targeted user accounts before moving on to...
Is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) dead
Is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) dead?
What is the typical use case for VDI? You have workloads on internal servers where best practice dictates only controlled access from within your network is...
Kidnap & ransom insurance is good to have
Kidnap & ransom insurance is good to have…
...but not something you discuss with just anyone. And that is how we feel about I.T. Security. I know we are supposed to market our...
Opportunity Cost
Opportunity Cost & Stagnation.
Lets really dive in to this. Why aren't you innovating? Why aren't you an industry leader? Why are you behind your peers? Is it because...
It’s O.K. We’re probably more expensive
It’s O.K. We’re probably more expensive.
Let's face it, when it comes to fast, cheap and good, you can only pick two. Nothing in life is free, not even those free...
Stop taking advice
Stop taking advice!
While it's helpful to learn from the mistakes of others, it's those you aspire to be like you should listen to. These are the ones...
Product or experience, for which are you in need
Product or experience, for which are you in need?
What's the difference? Expertise, the difference is expertise which comes with an experience. A product is merely hobbled together with the hope of protecting and...
What has worked in the past isn't enough today
What has worked in the past isn’t enough today…
The Conundrum Up until a few years ago, that buzzing box sitting in a room you're paying to keep cool all year around was the...
Seeking Peace of Mind
Seeking Peace of Mind?
That is a pretty heavy question and everyone has a different answer. To be of service to all of our clients we've put together a...


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